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"Because They Were With You For A Long Time Shouldn't You Honor They're Memory Forever?"

Pet Memorials Are Quick To Set Up And Cost Peanuts To Host"
OUR SERVICE: When a pet passes away, usually there is no obituary, funeral service, tombstone, or grave site. You only have maybe some videos and a few pictures. Now you can have a proper memorial for your pet, set up on the Web, where you can share your pet's memory with others on social media or through email. A memorial that can be viewed by anyone at any time 24/7.   So now when you talk about what a great pet you had, your can give people a link and show them your pet and how you've honored them. They can even read a bio about your pet and see a timeline. Now you can properly honor your pet who gave you their lifetime of love and companionship. You can share your pet's memorial on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and any other social media just by pasting the link. Remember the saying, "When it's on the Internet, it's there forever." Now your pet can be digitally there forever.   For an Example of a pet memorial CLICK HERE

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To View Sample Pet Bio: CLICK HERE

To View Sample Pet Memorial With Portrait (PKG#1): CLICK HERE

To View Sample Pet Memorial With 4 Picture Slide Show (PKG#2): CLICK HERE

To View Sample Pet Memorial With Video (PKG#3): CLICK HERE

  • PKG#1: $29.95 (Initial Setup) & $4.97/mo. (Hosting)
  • PKG#2: $34.95 (Initial Setup) & $6.97/mo. (Hosting)
  • PKG#3: $39.95 (Initial Setup) & $7.97/mo. (Hosting)
  • We Write Your Bio: $29.95 (Added To Initial Setup Cost)

So that everyone has the opportunity to have a "Pet Memorial" for their departed loving pet, we have chosen to keep the prices extremely low. Because of this, we keep the memorials simple and beautiful like a well manicured grave site your pet's header is limited to a color theme of brown, blue, pink, or green. Backgrounds if supplied by you must be 960px (width) and 560px (height). If you want, we can supply a background of your city or town, a park or other area in your town that your pet loved, or a lovely landscape vista. For PKG#1 we need at least a portrait picture and four to five other pictures of your pet (we'll discuss this with you. For PKG#2 we need at least nine pictures of your pet. For PKG#3 we need a video of your pet that we can reduce to 1 minute. If you want us to write your pet's Bio you must give us all of the information you want in it, and the Bio must be kept to a reasonable length. If you supply the Bio, it should not exceed one page. All memorial initial set up payments are guaranteed for 30 days after setup. You can terminate your memorial anytime after 30 days and not be charged for the month after the month of termination. But of course why would you want to stop honoring your pet who gave you their lifetime of love and companionship?

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